From the March 1998 magazine.

Sobriety Rocks!

In September 1997, 2,350 people gathered for three days at Estes Park, Colorado in the Rocky Mountains for the 40th ICYPAA, the International Conference of Young People in AA. This report was prepared by the Grapevine's senior editor, with help from the magazine's art director--both of whom attended the Conference--as well as input from organizers and participants.

If there is a presiding spirit of the International Conference of Young People in AA (affectionately known as "icky-pa"), it might be found in these words from chapter nine of the Big Book: ". . .we aren't a glum lot. If newcomers could see no joy or fun in our existence, they wouldn't want it. We absolutely insist on enjoying life." ICYPAA is the manifestation of that insistence. It proves that nobody's too young for AA and that a sober life can be enjoyed at any age. In the words of one participant: "Sobriety rocks!"

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