From the May 1998 magazine.

You Kept Your Promise!

I work the graveyard shift at the local treatment center. It's a laid-back job with not a lot to do, and there are times when I wish something would happen just to relieve the routine. One night that's just what happened.

A former resident called at two A.M., drunk as a skunk. He'd just been released the week before. He told me he'd always respected me and wished he could have what I had. He kept jumping from subject to subject but finally he said something that chilled me to the bone: "I have a gun. I just can't live like this anymore." I thought about myself having those same feelings before I sobered up. I remember feeling that hopeless. I tried to talk some sense into him which really didn't work too well. He kept talking about how he liked my home group, the Eau Claire Pacific Group, how close we were, how family-oriented. I kept telling him that AA could give that to him too. All I could do was share with him what AA had given me, how it had radically changed my life for the better. After this conversation had gone on for a while, he said he had to find something else to drink and that he'd call me back. I extracted a promise from him that he would call. When we were off the phone I called the police.

-- James A.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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