From the May 1999 magazine.

A Fourteen-year-old Mind in a Thirty-five-year-old Body

I was seven years sober, gazing at pleasure boats streaming down river on a warm spring afternoon, and furious that my live-in partner had confronted me with suspicions of a fling I'd had during her week's absence. Why, I thought, couldn't she just mind her own business? It had nothing to do with her. What's wrong with a short furlough now and then? I hadn't wanted her to find out; I certainly didn't want to hurt her. So live and let live, right?

In twenty years of almost daily drinking, I'd never cheated on the women I dated or the woman whom I married (and later divorced). Not even during seven of those years when I traveled as a musician for weeks at a time and had ample opportunity. I was manipulative, controlling, sometimes abusive--but not promiscuous.

-- Anonymous

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