From the July 2002 magazine.

It's Not That Hard

This writer says he wasn't arrested, he was rescued

In September, 1971, I was indicted by a grand jury and was eventually sentenced to several months in the Madison County Jail in Wampsville, New York. I had been there before on alcohol-related charges. One evening, an inmate in my cellblock was being escorted by the guards to another part of the jail. I asked him where he was going, and he responded, "To an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting." It was the first time I had heard of AA. "Sign me up!" I shouted as he disappeared around the corner. I'd do anything to get out of that cellblock.

The jail staff generally waited until they had a number of drunks in custody. Then they called Roger, a local AA member, and asked him to come in and put on an AA meeting. I happened to be an inmate during one such period.

-- Paul C.

Oceanside, California

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