From the December 2004 magazine.

2 Ways to Find Out More About Sponsorship

How can a sponsor explain the AA program? Can a sponsor be too firm? Can a sponsor be too casual? Is it ever too late to get a sponsor? These and thirty other questions are asked and answered in the pamphlet "Questions and Answers on Sponsorship," which is published by AA World Services and is available at many AA meetings or from the GSO office or your local intergroup office.

The AA Grapevine offers a CD called "Partners on the Journey--Sponsorship Stories," culled from the pages of the Grapevine over the years. It features eleven stories in addition to the Preamble and a selection of letters to the editor. It can be purchased either online via our website or through the Gifts of Sobriety catalog, or by calling 212-870-3404.

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