From the May 2006 magazine.

A Friend In Deed

In an August 1957 Grapevine article, "Let's Be Friendly With Our Friends. . . the Physicians," Bill W. recalled Dr. Silkworth and stressed the importance of physicians to AA. He wondered if another physician would, "ever give so much devoted attention to so many alcoholics as did Dr. Silkworth. It is estimated that in his lifetime, he saw an amazing 40,000 of them. None of those he treated will ever forget the experience, and the majority of them are sober today." Bill continues, "Dr. Silkworth 'twelfth-stepped' 40,000 alcoholics. Thousands of these he patiently treated long before AA when the chance for recovery was slim. But he always had faith that one day a way out would be found."

This article is part of a four-part series, by Bill W., about AA's cooperation with professionals. To read all of "Let's Be Friendly With Our Friends. . . the Physicians," visit The remaining three articles in this series can be accessed from the Grapevine's Digital Archive by subscribers. For subscription information, please follow the link at

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