From the November 1996 magazine.

. . .and Learn

I am always quick to acknowledge the contributions my sponsors have made to my sobriety, but I often forget the growth I've attained from the ladies I sponsor.

I became a sponsor for the first time when I was eleven months sober. I'd never read the pamphlet on sponsorship so when Tina would call with overwhelming newcomer problems, I'd pick her up, bring her to my house, tuck her into bed with a stuffed animal, and say, "We just won't drink tonight and tomorrow everything will get better." Somehow it always did and eight years later Tina is a sober mother and almost finished with nursing school. I wasn't so lucky with Beverly. After release from a mental hospital, she checked into a hotel with a bottle of pills and a quart of vodka. I learned that I have no answers, only experience. If I haven't lived it or done it, I need to send the newcomer to someone who has.

-- Eileen K.

Orange, California

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