From the May 1953 magazine.

Twelfth Step Work Is AA

If we live AA, we are doing Twelfth Step work. . .how infinitely more powerful is our message, if the suffering alcoholic recognizes that AA has produced in us a patient, humble, and loving friend of God and man.

OBVIOUSLY there would be no such thing as this life-saving fellowship called Alcoholics Anonymous, were it not for the regenerating two basic elements which seem to me to make up the vital Twelfth Step. They are, of course, a mission to carry the message, and a high calling to practice daily the AA principles in all our affairs as best we can.

If we look first at the mission territory into which we are to carry our message, we will better understand the absolute necessity of putting into practice the principles we advocate. It should not be difficult for us to familiarize ourselves with the mission fields into which we are venturing, inasmuch as we have all, more or less, recently dwelt in that outer darkness ourselves. That darkness, wherein we were, and where they are now groping, is a hell on earth. On the fringes of despair, our prospective members are utterly alone in their losing battle, with no one to understand their problems, much less anyone to give them any permanent help in their tragic and desperate plight.

-- R. J. M.

Jamestown, New York

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