From the March 1954 magazine.

Continued to Take Personal Inventory. . .

Step Ten reads

THERE is a guy in our group, a little older than I am, who'd been a regular in AA for about three years when I first started going to meetings a year and a half ago. I'd been to a few meetings in neighboring towns before I met him, and at my very first meeting with him lie made me good and mad by saying that he didn't think anybody could get anywhere in AA who had ever been to a psychiatrist. That's what I thought he said. He claimed he'd only said that psychiatry makes it more difficult.

He and I have made Twelfth Step calls together and visited each other's homes. We get along pretty well. People in our group ride him some about his argumentative manner in meetings, but everybody enjoys him. He irritates me by getting a meeting off the track and bogged down into an argument over the meaning of a word. I think of him as the eternal collegian, because that's the way college kids acted when I was in college.

-- M. W.

New Canaan, Connecticut

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