From the April 1962 magazine.

The Twelve Steps Revisited/Step 7

Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings

SOMETIMES the mere reading of Step Seven gives me a deeply excited, tingling feeling. I think of those moments--and what AA who has been around for a time has not known them, or something like them?--when I felt I was actually in touch with the Higher Power as I understood Him. I think of the even more vivid experiences of some of my AA colleagues. And I experience a thrill, as new and fresh each time it comes as it was the first time I felt it, that the very source of the universe can be directly approached--not just by saints, geniuses and biblical characters, but by miserable self-defeating drunks and ex-drunks, capable at any moment of reverting, like myself.

At other times I read the same Step and think, "ask Him? Who's Him? God? Who's He?" The possibility of being in communication with the Creator seems as remote as Mount Kilimanjaro; a Creator's very existence seems doubtful.

-- J. E.

Guilford, Connecticut

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