From the March 1983 magazine.

Are We Forgetting Twelfth Step Calls?

I WAS LUCKY! One of the first women I met in AA knew no limits when it came to reaching out to still-suffering alcoholics. Shortly after I joined the Fellowship, she became my sponsor, and her message was clear. She said that I was self-centered, that I was wallowing in self-pity, and that I could overcome this--by trying to help other alcoholics.

I had seen the movies The Lost Weekend and Days of Wine and Roses, so I was familiar with Hollywood's version of carrying the AA message, and it appealed to me. I've always liked high drama, so I enthusiastically agreed to go along with her on Twelfth Step calls early in my sobriety. We went on many calls together, armed with "care packages"--soup, honey, tea, juice, and handfuls of AA literature. The women we called on were a far cry from Lee Remick, and Hollywood forgot to mention that most alcoholics seem to have dogs that haven't been outside for days.

-- L. F.

Manhattan, New York

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