From the August 1993 magazine.

A Deeper Surrender

Step Eight - Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and become willing to make amends to them all.

Almost three years ago I moved from a relatively large urban area to a smaller town. At the time, I had just celebrated my second AA birthday and felt well grounded in the program. My sponsor told me that I would undoubtedly miss my AA friends and the meetings where I had gotten sober, but he knew that once I was settled in the AA program in my new community, everything would be fine.

The move went well and before long I had started my new job. I began to attend AA meetings in my new community, but found it very difficult to adjust. My new home was a mill town, and as a "professional" person I found it hard to relate to anybody I heard in the meetings I was attending. To make matters worse, I did encounter one gentleman in a meeting --himself a "professional" --who I thought would make a good sponsor. When I asked him and he declined I was crushed.

-- B. B.

Longview, Washington

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