From the November 1951 magazine.

The Twelve Traditions

By which we live. . .

THIS is the third year we have devoted the November issue of the Grapevine to 'Traditions Week' wherein each group is asked to schedule, around Thanksgiving time, a special meeting to study and discuss our Twelve Traditions. From all reports this idea, while a noble one, has not been an unqualified success in actual practice.

Maybe it's because we AAs have been a little self-conscious about having anything as high-sounding as Traditions. It's a word usually associated with ivyed walls and great antiquity. . .but here we are, only 16 years old and a bit on the brash side. Or maybe it's because, being written down and all, the Traditions may seem like 'rules'. . .and we shy away like frightened rabbits from anything that says, 'Ya gotta!'

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