From the November 1952 magazine.

Tradition Seven

The seventh of a new series of articles explaining The Twelve Traditions. . . "EVERY AA GROUP OUGHT TO BE FULLY SELF-SUPPORTING, DECLINING OUTSIDE CONTRIBUTIONS."

Self-supporting alcoholics? Who ever heard of such a thing?! Yet we find that's what we have to be. This principle is telling evidence of the profound change that AA has wrought in all of us. Everybody knows that active alcoholics scream that they have no troubles money can't cure. Always, we've had our hands out. Time out of mind we've been dependent upon somebody, usually money-wise. When a society composed entirely of alcoholics says it's going to pay its bills, that's really news.

Probably no AA tradition had the labor pains this one did. In early times we were all broke. When you add to this the habitual supposition that people ought to give money to alcoholics trying to stay sober, it can be understood why we thought we deserved a pile of folding money. What great things AA would be able to do with it! But oddly enough, people who had money thought otherwise. They figured that----sober----it was high time we now paid our own way. So our fellowship stayed poor because it had to.

-- Bill W.

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