From the November 1959 magazine.

Tradition X

IN my opinion, the minute we come down the stairs on meeting night we shed the cloak of the worries of the week to gather here for one purpose--to help one another. For a whole week, as individuals we have had to make decisions in our businesses, our homes and in other fields. Let us enjoy these few short hours of fellowship with those who understand and with the people who can laugh and have a darned good reason for doing so. Then when we don our coats to go back up the stairs, we are better prepared both mentally and spiritually to cope with an ever demanding life on the outside.

I see no reason why an individual, if he is so inclined, may not endorse his own opinions on any number of outside issues as "John Doe, member of Alcoholics Anonymous." That's his baby. He has one mind, and no doubt his own track on which to run it. But I'll bet if we hand-picked five people from our group here who had the same political leanings, religion, racial origin and the same outlook on world affairs and asked them to give a panel discussion on any one subject, they still wouldn't be in complete agreement. So, how could we as a cosmopolitan group even contemplate venturing an opinion or endorsing outside issues? Our only obligation as alcoholics is to ourselves collectively and individually.

-- A. D.

Grande Prairie, Alberta

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