From the November 1969 magazine.

First Tradition Checklist

The author says: "AA's Twelve Traditions have, in my experience, often proved vital in keeping me sober, and helpful otherwise in all my affairs." This is the first of a series of articles sharing that experience.

Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends on AA unity.

MY AA HISTORY consists of two extended slips during an otherwise sober quarter-century. I have not taken or wanted a drink since May 1952, but I have learned much about alcohol and AA, and a little about myself. For instance, I no longer have quick, simple answers for staying sober, although at times I sound as if I had. For example, I have said I had sobriety of the head, not sobriety of the heart, in my first year, and I've been so proud of this eloquence that I was deaf to the vanity revealed: the implication that my own superior ability at rational thinking kept me from drinking.

-- B. L.

Manhattan, New York

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