From the August 1987 magazine.

Walking the Walk

Seventh Tradition

When I was new to AA, I was told that this program was or should be regarded by me as the most valuable possession I had. I accepted that--at least intellectually--and after a few years of sobriety I finally realized fully that indeed it was true. It was in fact more valuable than even my wife and my family and my work because without sobriety it was wholly possible that these treasured possessions would either be wiped out or exist in such a disturbing and sick context they would be all but meaningless to me.

So I accepted that fact, and was grateful for it. But I came to another realization. When I arrived many, many years ago, I dutifully put my dollar in the collection plate and have done so ever since. Until very recently I was continuing to do just that. Then something occurred to me.

-- B. I.

Studio City, California

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