From the July 1992 magazine.

AA Needs More Than Just Money

On Thursday, December 23, 1982, I walked through the door of my first AA speaker's meeting. There in the doorway, behind a small wooden table which held a basket full of money and a roll of tickets, sat an older gray-haired gentleman. "This must be where they charge admission," I remember thinking. My whole AA experience at that point was two discussion meetings in the previous twenty-four hours.

After managing to sneak in without paying, I found myself an empty seat and took it feeling both self-satisfied and guilty about my imagined deception. At the break my guilt disappeared and embarrassment took its place when the winning raffle tickets were drawn. The group also passed a basket for voluntary contributions to cover group expenses. I found that the ticket table I had so stealthily bypassed was only selling raffle tickets for AA books; they were not charging admission.

-- Kreg K.

Manassas, Virginia

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