From the September 1992 magazine.

Round and Round We Go

"AA, as such, ought never be organized. . ." In fact, AA at the group level resists organization. There is something at AA's core which keeps it simple and true. In my home group, we have typed up a simple format outlining how to conduct a meeting, and we put it between two sheets of clear plastic. Along with that, we have the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions each encased in plastic. All of this is in a file folder which is given to whoever is chairing the meeting.

Over the course of time, these sheets become worn and coffee-stained. And eventually some new member attempts to clean them up, retype, organize!--and in the course of organization, perhaps add some new ideas. But it doesn't work for long. Eventually, the new, clean and "organized" sheets become as wrinkled and coffee-stained as the old, and the group reverts to its traditional manner--keeping it simple.

-- Jan P.

Spokane, Washington

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