From the June 1995 magazine.

Is Your Skeleton in the Closet?

I usually don't think very much about my skeletal system, at least not until I break a bone. Then the ache of the fracture makes me very much aware that it is bones that hold me up and keep me going. My skeleton is something I take for granted; but it's there daily, doing the work, supporting my body in all its comings and goings. When I die, it's my skeleton that will be around a lot longer than all my fleshy parts.

And so it is with the Traditions. They are there for us, but many times they remain unseen so we often take them for granted. Oh yes, we do pay lip service to them. Some groups read them aloud at the beginning of each meeting and most have them displayed on a window shade in the meeting room. Some groups may even have a Traditions meeting every so often. Most times, though, we just take them for granted--until somebody breaks one. But the Traditions need more than a once-over-lightly glance every so often. They are the source of our group strength, the origin of the form for the AA group. They are the structure which upholds us and gives us form.

-- Daniel J.

Maryknoll, New York

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