From the January 1996 magazine.

The View from Here: Each Month a Group of Past Delegates to the General Service Conference Will Talk About the Traditions

The Traditions--One Member's Short Form

Tradition One: Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon AA unity.

  1. Home groups can be torn apart by gossip, backbiting, and judging of others. (And where would we be without our home groups?)
  2. Rotation gets new people involved so that God can be expressed through all of us.
  3. There is a requirement for AA membership--a desire to stop and stay stopped drinking. We need to be sharing our experience on the solution rather than on the problem.
  4. Taking care of our own group business and allowing other groups to do the same will ensure we continue to be here for the still-suffering alcoholic.
  5. As individuals and as groups our primary purpose is the same, to get and keep one alcoholic talking with another.
  6. Our groups carry the life-saving message of AA to alcoholics and let others do the same, with our blessing.
  7. In AA we pay our way and are not influenced by others.
  8. AA is love and service freely received and freely given. We do need to employ qualified people to keep certain services available and functioning.
  9. We need a service structure directly responsible to ourselves.
  10. We leave our personal, religious, and political feelings outside AA doors along with our worldly ambitions.
  11. Very little attraction will show forth if we are promoting ourselves. Our recovery program is what's important to the public, not us as individuals.
  12. Striving for the good of AA and the still-suffering alcoholic, with God's help, is a foundation we can build on. When we stand on our principles, we leave personalities behind us.
-- John R.

Chatham, Ontario

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