From the July 1969 magazine.

Young People and AA

ONE OF THE most heartwarming happenings of our time is the ever-increasing number of young people joining the ranks of AA. Somehow the message has come through that it is not necessary to throw away a lifetime before asking for help. And rarely, nowadays, do we hear old-timers saying, "You! You're not old enough to be an alcoholic!" In AA, we are building bridges across the generation gap.

During the weekend beginning the twenty-fifth of this July, the Twelfth International Conference of Young People in AA will be held at the Benjamin Franklin Hotel in Philadelphia, Pa. The stated purpose of the conference is to foster strength and unity by bringing young people together to exchange ideas and to discuss problems of living and recovery. There will be workshops, special events, AA meetings, a banquet and a dance, and unique contributions by Al-Anon and Alateen.

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