From the July 1969 magazine.

Young People's Groups

A chance to share our "inexperience" within the framework of AA

MY FIRST contact with AA was in Buffalo, N.Y., over eleven years ago, at the age of twenty-three. The number of young people in AA was small, and I was lost and lonely as ever. I could identify readily with the members' stories, as I'd been in bad shape from day one, but how to get well was something else. I stayed sober purely on guts for almost two years.

This is probably the most significant problem the young person faces: He has little or no productive past, and organizing a life terrifies him. Being young, we recover fast physically, and some old-timers believe we're doing great. But our insides still boil like mad. It appears that members of young people's groups have faced this fact and begun to challenge each other's fronts. We pretend not to care about a job, a wife, a car, or anything else that is brought up, until somebody finally sits us down and tells us about fear of failure.

-- J. G.

San Francisco, California

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