From the July 1997 magazine.

Bidding for a New Life

My name is Johnny H., and I am a defeated drinker. I had my last drink on August 28, 1985 at the age of eighteen years and three days. Today I find myself a happy, joyous, and free recovered alcoholic and I owe everything in my life to Alcoholics Anonymous.

I had my first drink at the ripe old age of seven, at a party my brothers were having. One of them gave me a quart of beer, and challenged me to drink the whole thing. I tried my best not to let them down, but what happened was that I threw up a lot and had to be put to bed early. My drinking didn't take off until I was thirteen, when I quickly became able to drink a lot and to hold it down. I didn't like my life, and drinking allowed me to forget that (for a while). I never had enough to drink. I always wanted more; it was always the next one that was going to do it for me. When I wasn't drinking, I was thinking about drinking.

-- Johnny H.

Denver, Colorado

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