From the July 2008 magazine.

PO BOX 1980

Ghost of drinking past

The article "In the Aftermath" (March 2008 Grapevine) provided a dose of humility for me. After some years of sobriety, I've found myself doing the same thing--judging those who come into meetings with a third or fourth DUI, wondering how they can continue to drive drunk.

I was reminded of a meeting during my first year. It was a cold, rainy night, and we were in the middle of a sixteen-week Step study so the group knew each other pretty well by then. A disheveled stranger, possibly homeless, came in and sat down, not speaking to anyone. We started sharing on Step Six. When it was the stranger's turn, he said he'd recently completed a ten-year sentence for killing someone while driving drunk. He'd woken up from a blackout in jail to be told he had killed a lady.

-- Deanna S.

Canton, Georgia

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