From the September 2008 magazine.

The Life I've Been Given

A child of the Holocaust stops questioning her survival and embraces the fullness of life

My husband of thirty-six years died last month. I'm eighty-three years old, and this is the second time I've been widowed. It's been a difficult time. But our AA literature promises that we can stay sober under any and all conditions. This simple idea has been powerful in my sobriety.

When I came to Alcoholics Anonymous thirty-six years ago, I was forty-seven years old, a widow with three troubled children. Drinking was my passion and my prison. I couldn't go for even one day without sneaking a bottle into the house, getting drunk, lying, cheating, being sick half of each day, yelling at my kids, crying with remorse, shaking with hangovers. Finally my son threatened to hang himself, and God grabbed me right in my heart. I called the AA number listed in the phone book. The worst day of my life became the best day--a true God-day.

-- L.S.

Sands Point, New York

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