From the August 2008 magazine.

Where the Party Is

Sobriety can be a hoot

When people ask me these days, "How are you?" my stock answer is, "Never better." I say that because it's true. Regardless of any physical ailment or mental stress, I have never had it so good just embracing an attitude of gratitude because I no longer have to drink alcohol.

There is no entertainment comparable to a jolly AA meeting. No television, no movie, no live theater will leave you walking out the door with the feeling of joy and well-being that a good meeting brings. Where else can a person go and laugh her sides off as people share about terrible things they did while drunk, or how they embarrassed themselves, or how they fell overboard in a canoe and lost their diamond watch but saved their bottle of beer. We sit there listening and we not only relate, but empathize. And we laugh. Sometimes until tears roll down our cheeks and our stomachs ache. In all my years in the program, I've never been in a bad meeting of AA. True, some are better than others, but if we leave the meeting and stay sober another day, that will be enough.

-- Dossie P.

Aptos, California

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