From the June 2009 magazine.

What I've learned

A member with 34 years talks about changes to AA and how it's still about carrying the message

My sobriety date is August 20, 1974, which gives me a little insight on what's been happening in the last 34 years in this program. Some things are just about the same, and some things are radically different.

I spoke at a meeting not too long ago here in Petoskey. It is always an open meeting with a speaker; I've spoken there 20 times and I really enjoy it. At the end of my talk about my adventures, there were 10 minutes or so for the audience to ask questions. The first question they asked was what were the biggest things I'd seen change in AA. I said for one thing, I can remember when people didn't join hands for the Our Father. Later on, when they did join hands, there were a lot of males who backed off and didn't want to hold hands because it was unmanly, I guess.

-- GARY C.

Petoskey, Michigan

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