From the April 2009 magazine.

Too smart for AA?

It took him years to get that he simply needed meetings

A recent letter to the Grapevine said, "You can't be too dumb for this program, but you can be too smart." This stuck a note with me because it told my story exactly. Maybe I should say, "I thought I was too smart." I presently have been sober 37 years, and I'm grateful that I dumbed down. This is my story:

I started my career working for an electronics company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, after leaving the Navy in the late '50s. My drinking had progressed to a point where my marriage was being affected. I managed to keep my job and suffer through this difficult marriage for several years with controlled drinking. I had become an instructor at this company, teaching customers how to use electronics equipment, so I was too smart to be an alcoholic. Alcoholics were those who were not smart enough to control their drinking, especially skid-row bums and those without an education.

-- Gary S.

Primghar, Iowa

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