From the May 2009 magazine.

Dear Members of the Morning Meeting

How do I possibly thank a Fellowship that helped my dear husband experience the best three years of his life? Before coming to AA, Paul had experienced a lifetime low, but in recovery he experienced a miraculous rebirth and fully embraced it. With your support he began to regenerate the wonderful people skills he had been blessed with, which I had fallen in love with 38 years ago. When he would come home and circumspectly recount how he had been able to interact with people in need, I would internally smile because I knew the Paul I had fallen in love with in 1966 was resurfacing.

Paul's last three years were his best because he had faced his issues. Freed from his hang-ups and alcohol addiction, he could once again embrace us all. When his illness robbed Paul of his ability to attend meetings, he continued his AA commitment by interacting with MGH (Mass General Hospital) personnel. Many of them responded to Paul's magic, as sick as he was, by not only talking freely to him as they were treating him, but also returning on their coffee breaks to chat. God bless him, he remained faithful to his AA commitments.

-- Mary S.

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