From the April 2010 magazine.

Most humble?

If there really were a 'humility pin,' his would have been confiscated

I attended my first AA meeting in November 1979. I kept coming, and after several dry periods punctuated by drinking bouts, something changed inside and I got sober. That was September 1980, and I was 20 years old. By the grace of God and thanks to AA, I have been sober ever since. In the following 28 years, I've gone from being one of the youngest people at meetings to one of the oldest in years of sobriety. But I usually keep quiet about it at meetings, because a funny thing happened on the way to old-timerhood.

There's a little thing called ego that creates big trouble for alcoholics like me. Back in my drinking days, all of life revolved around me and my demands and expectations. And that did not change overnight in sobriety.

-- MIKE S.

Whitehouse, Ohio

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