From the April 2010 magazine.

Sober at 63

The alcohol stops working and her Higher Power steps in

Give in! Give in! Just drink and die! I actually thought that would be the easiest way out--to drink myself to death. But it didn't happen that way.

My life was in turmoil--I hated myself and felt I had arrived at a dead end. Alcohol became my way out. If I drank enough, I didn't care anymore. Easy solution! So I began to drink daily, stopping at the package store every afternoon on the way home from work--of course, not the same package store each day. I wouldn't want them to know I was a heavy hitter, after all. Too soon, half pints became pints and more, with bottles hidden under the front seat of my car.

-- RITA C.

Wimauma, Fla.

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