From the April 2007 magazine.

But Will It Work For Me?

After the thrill is gone

Rendered homeless, helpless, and hopeless by more than thirty-five years of alcohol abuse, it was a miracle that I even asked for help at a Veterans Administration medical facility in August, 1993. Seeing my hopeless state of mind and body, the VA hospital staff admitted me for treatment.

For several months, I wished myself dead on a daily basis. My drinking cost me everything I valued. My relationships with family and friends were gone. My craving for the effect of alcohol made me doubt that I could ever work again as a professional in the medical field. Just before checking into the hospital, I worked as a bartender because I needed to drink on a daily basis. I lost the bartender job and ended up living in the front seat of an old rusted pickup truck with all my remaining worldly possessions. Although the desired effect of alcohol had been gone for several years, my insanity made me keep chasing it.

-- Anonymous

Bellingham, Washington

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