From the July 2007 magazine.


How AA's Seventh Tradition helped soothe a troubled soul

It was just another run-of-the-mill night at Harvard street, except I'd arrived at the meeting to find one of my sober sisters in deep distress. When I went to hug her and asked what was wrong, she told me that her marriage was in serious trouble. On top of that, her finances were in catastrophic shape and her business was collapsing. My friend's sobs as the meeting began were audible.

Hearing them, my mind traveled back, and I realized it was exactly two years ago that night that I had walked in to this, my home group, in much the same state. Married at the time, I had just caught my partner of seven years, who had lost his sobriety and had been struggling to get it back, in a devastating set of lies and betrayals. I had realized that, for the sake of my own sobriety, our marriage could not continue. Packing an overnight bag, I came straight to the meeting. Once there, I fell into a heap at my sponsor's feet and wept like I was being cut in pieces.

-- Jessica C.

Los Angeles, California

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