From the September 2007 magazine.

Breathe In Faith, Breathe Out Fear

A family comes together

I met my husband at an AA meeting during my first year of sobriety. I knew it was against the "rules"; my self-will had run riot. I listened to what he had to say, and I liked it. I felt his serenity, spirituality, and humor. I wanted these things. We did not chat before or after the meetings, so my only contact was listening to what he shared during the meeting. He seemed to offer serenity to anyone who would listen.

I wanted to get to know him better, so I invited him out to dinner and he accepted. We started dating and talked AA a lot. But a relationship needs patience, humor, kindness, common sense, acceptance, love, and respect. For me, these attributes were in short supply; maturity was a long way off. Our relationship had fights, tears, and sorrow. But it also had joy, laughter, hope, and the promise of a future together--if we were willing to work for it. We decided we were willing to work.

-- Helen C.

Rockwood, Tennessee

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