From the November 2007 magazine.

Order Of The Court

A judge starts the ball rolling

I believe i was born an alcoholic. My parents raised me to know the difference between right and wrong, and, for the most part, I chose wrong. I thought it was more fun. My first recollection of drinking was at the age of eleven, when my father shared his beer with me at our summer lake home. I remember not liking the taste of that beer, but I also remember the warm tingling feeling I got after those first sips.

When I was twelve, my parents moved us from the growing town of Forest Lake, Minnesota, to a lake home near a small town in Wisconsin. Here, I had my first independent taste of alcohol. Here, my parents found their fortune in the real estate market. Along with the success of my father's business came the art of entertaining clients and friends. This meant lots of alcohol in the house and the opportunity for me to test it out.

-- Brian C.

St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin

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