From the October 2007 magazine.

Unsober In A Snap

In a second, serenity can disappear

After practicing my disease to the point of perfection, and then becoming bowed and bloody, I finally discovered the way to recovery on August 3, 1979, at the old Bethany Group in Phoenix, Arizona. Al M., God rest his soul, the leader of the newcomer's group, was my first sponsor. He was an old-time, "back-to-the-basics" individual, and he helped save my life.

I became involved in Alcoholics Anonymous. I enjoyed a happy, "pink cloud" beginning to my sobriety. This used to upset others because I appeared so damned happy. And at the time, I was. For several years, meetings were of primary importance in my life and I served in many capacities, from sweeping floors and making coffee to leading Big Book study groups.

-- Jay B.

Phoenix, Arizona

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