From the October 2007 magazine.

The Problem With Time

It doesn't mean we're safe

During my recovery from a nearly fatal battle with alcoholism, I have experienced blessings beyond my wildest dreams.

At five years sober, I married my hero, a man I respect and adore. I tell him my inner truths and I trust him not to hurt me. We laugh a lot. The precious children in my life, the young ones and college graduates, have never seen me drunk, and neither have members of my husband's family nor the majority of my friends and acquaintances. I have forged strong and honest relations with my own family and am enriched and protected by these relationships. I experience the love and guidance of the Power of the Universe on a daily basis and I have begun to study an Eastern spiritual path, which is blending my once vague beliefs into a cohesive tapestry. I have the honor of sponsoring several beautiful women who help me "keep it green," and as we work the Steps together, I continue to learn and grow through self-examination and spiritual progress. I want what I get, and I get what I need. I have known peace, I often intuitively know how to handle situations that used to baffle me, and I constantly realize that God is doing for me what I cannot do for myself.

-- Beth S.

Vallejo, California

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