From the November 2007 magazine.

Our Anonymity Is Both Inspiration And Safety

The origins of our Twelfth Tradition

Before writing the Traditions articles eventually published in the "Twelve and Twelve," Bill W., AA's co-founder, penned more than fifteen essays on the subject in the Grapevine. Distilling the wide-ranging, and often contentious (or fractious) experience of AA's first groups, these articles show how Bill and the Fellowship's thinking about the Traditions evolved, as well as offer new insight into why they are important today. The three essays reprinted here, including the landmark "Twelve Suggested Points for AA Tradition," provide a glimpse of the Traditions in the making.

The rest of Bill's articles on the Traditions can be found in Language of the Heart or in the Digital Archive, along with a wealth of essays by other early members of the Fellowship.

-- Bill W.

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