From the December 2007 magazine.

Who Sponsors Whom?

After fifty years, it's hard to tell

The year was 1956. I came in to AA on April 27 and Ron on August 10. In those early days, getting to twenty days of sobriety was as far as we could see. If you had asked us then, the prospect of our being in the range of 20,000 days was beyond our wildest dreams. Anyway, we're still counting--one day at a time.

Ron stood on the viaduct, feeling he had reached the end of the line. Then he recalled a place called Alcoholics Anonymous. It was little known in those days, and I wonder if he would have found his way there if he hadn't worked for the phone company. He had been sent there to empty the pay phones. His second visit there sent him on a lifetime journey.

-- Bob M.

Thornhill, Ontario

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