From the August 2007 magazine. First printed in January 1970.

Step Eight: Persons We Had Harmed

Reprinted from September 1979

In mental preparation of my Eighth Step list, I discovered that some names came to mind naturally. In most instances, we want to change for the better where our children and family are concerned.

However, I found there were other people I did not want to make amends to, people I held some resentments toward--so I impulsively concluded they didn't deserve any amends. I have to keep in mind that had I behaved in a more reasonable manner, they might not have responded as they did. If the circumstances had been reversed, I might have taken the same action they chose. I have to allow others to make mistakes and be human. Harboring resentments because of something others did is, in effect, imposing my values upon them. By imposing my standards upon them, I am trying to assume God's role. I must realize I am not responsible for the actions of others, whether I approve of them or not. If I take on that task, I am passing judgment on them for reacting in a way that was unacceptable to me. I am taking their inventory.

-- B.D.

Reynoldsburg, Ohio

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