From the November 2007 magazine.

Step Eleven: The Practice Of Letting Go

Tools to find peace

About twenty-four years ago, I went to my first AA meeting. I was an angry single mother who drank daily. At first, I was astounded by how much you knew about me--you seemed to tell my story every time you spoke. I was overjoyed when I realized that, with your help, I could live a life without alcohol.

But that pink cloud attitude slowly changed to one of discontent. I began to see many differences between you and me. You were mostly men who smoked and could go to meetings whenever it pleased you. I hated the smoke, didn't particularly like men, and had two small children to care for, in addition to a full-time job. Not only did I drink again, but I raged at my poor children and withdrew from those who could help me. It was back to loneliness and despair for all of us.

-- Anonymous


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