From the July 2010 magazine.

The monkey in my head

At the tender age of 19, my drunkenness brought me before the same judge three times in a row. My poor father, a well respected citizen, was sobbing in the courtroom for fear of what they might do to his idiot son. The judge growled: "You have disgraced your father! You have disgraced your mother! Ninety days!" Luckily for me, the sheriff knew my dad and he convinced the judge to put me on probation.

Off the hook but terrified, I made a conscious decision never to drink again; I was through drinking forever. I also quit drinking again "forever" at age 20 and 21, but the alcoholic merry-go-round continued year after year, until I finally realized that "quitting drinking forever" just got me drunk. Will-power didn't work!

-- BOB S.

Richmond, Ind.

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