From the August 2010 magazine.


Four brothers come crashing into AA after years of raging alcoholism

I WAS struck sober 25 years ago in my oldest brother's attic, at 6:07 A.M., the moment of sunrise. I know the time and place because it was the single most important moment of my life, and the beginning of the road to recovery. God said to me, "Everything is going to be all right. The only thing you have to do is never take another drink or drug again." The light slowly faded and 15 years of physical compulsion and mental obsession with inebriation was lifted.

My brother had bailed me out of jail the night before. I'd been arrested one mile from town, after a 1,000-mile journey, for my fifth DUI. "I only had two beers!" I'd protested. I wanted to be dropped off at home to blow my head off with my deer rifle, (which my brother didn't know, but may have suspected). Instead, he took me to his home, where the family had a meeting about my grave situation and my need to go into a treatment center. I attended my first AA meeting the next day, where I heard my story, met my sponsor and began my journey to freedom. A strange man came up to me, told me I stank, and said I needed to get into the nearby river and wash myself--which, amazingly, I did. He later became my sponsor.

-- KIRK K.

Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

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