From the August 2010 magazine.


After surrendering, this closeknit family accumulates a total of 178 years of sobriety

THIS is the story of my family and what AA has done for us. This is a sober story. Suffice it to say we all belong. It starts with my father: I was almost 5 the first time he quit drinking. My mother had threatened to leave him before, but this time she had packed our bags. There were four of us kids and another on the way. My mother would have had no choice but to go on welfare and somehow survive with us.

My father promised to stop drinking and see a psychologist. He even went to a couple of AA meetings and decided to stick with therapy. This worked for almost nine years. Things improved greatly financially. A couple of years later my mom and dad bought a piece of property and began to build their dream home.

-- ALAN D.

Pascoag, R.I.

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