From the August 2010 magazine.

Who's sponsoring who?

Someone once helped him, and he returns the favor

My wife took me to my first AA meeting. I was in no shape to drive myself. It was a sunny Saturday morning in May, and since she had to drive me home, I asked her to join me. There were about 10 people in attendance that morning. Later, I discovered that they had changed the meeting format to a First Step meeting for the benefit of me, the newcomer. The first two gentlemen and one woman who shared, astoundingly, were all named "Bob."

So as not to confuse us any further, the woman went on to explain that this was a closed meeting of AA and that in the future I should check out which meetings were open meetings if I wanted to bring my wife. They allowed us to stay, recognizing the fact that I was not aware of the anonymity principle of AA.


Cincinnati, Ohio

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