From the September 2010 magazine.

Fired up!

Turning to the Big Book helps when a sponsee is laid off

My young sponsee, sober for six months, was unfairly laid off. He felt blindsided by his employer and, though he tried to remain stoic about this tragedy, you could tell that inwardly his world was beginning to unravel. Living from paycheck to paycheck like most Americans, being fired and left penniless, he was now unable to pay rent or take care of the barest necessities.

The young man had been faithfully paying off debts, but now saw himself sinking into deep despair because of this enormous burden. He was one step away from becoming homeless. The only effective solution I could offer him was Chapter 10, "To The Employers" in the Big Book, which has a well-reasoned guide for newcomers learning how to do well on the job, and ways sponsors can assist the recovering worker to function better.

-- JOSE G.

Port Orchard, Wash.

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