From the July 2010 magazine.

Communication breakdown

A member says service keeps the lines open among AAs and keeps her healthy

COMMUNICATION is the key to all Twelfth Step work. When newcomers appear at meetings they come because they are lost, broken and seeking a way out of their alcoholic dilemma. Usually they have heard about AA through friends, counselors, ministers, doctors, police officers, lawyers, judges or through television. The message has been passed that there is a Fellowship of men and women who have solved their problem with alcohol.

They come to the meeting, listen to members share their experiences, and may share what happened to bring them to their first meeting. The newcomer may identify and soon realize that he or she is not crazy; that he or she is suffering from the disease of alcoholism. For the older member, it is a reminder of what his or her own life was like when he or she was actively alcoholic.


Winnipeg, Manitoba

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