From the July 2010 magazine.


A wife tries to keep her alcoholism quiet

My drinking began at 15, and the second time I drank I blacked out. I remember rummaging through my parents' bar, drinking small amounts of everything, so that I wouldn't get caught. My head began to swim and that hazy rush flowed through me. I knew then how much I loved the feeling of getting drunk.

You'd think I would have reached out to AA after hitting a telephone pole and totaling my first car. Or maybe after waking up in a strange hotel room in Tijuana with no recollection of how I got there, or after drinking and driving on the job and knocking down a brick wall. There was the time the California Highway Patrol pulled me over when I was drunk and let me go because I promised to stop for coffee at the first restaurant, and the time I found myself skinny-dipping in a hotel pool while my normie friends were drinking inside at the bar. But no.


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