From the October 2010 magazine.


At a mixed party, AAs break their own anonymity

THIS story is rather humorous and shows how things can happen with regard to our anonymity. I recently had a get-together, or party, if you will, and I invited a number of friends. These friends brought some of their friends and the theme was a potluck and an evening where some of my fellow AA members played music.

The crowd was a mix of Alcoholics Anonymous members and "regular" folk who did not necessarily know one another. Some of the people who knew me knew I was in AA. Many did not, though, and I was speaking with a co-worker who said he noticed that the punch was nonalcoholic, and that many of the people present that evening were not drinking alcohol. He also observed that those people seemed very happy and friendly. It seemed like the perfect time to tell him I was a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and that many of the people here that night were also members.

-- JOE H.

Vancouver, British Columbia

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